Paediatric Intake Form

I have submitted an intake form through the website, what happens next?

First of all, you will receive a call from our Occupational Therapist who will ask a broad range of questions to make sure we are able to support you in the area you need, as well as provide some general information about our services. They will then organise the administration team to send you a consent form and organise all the information needed to get the ball rolling.

Generally the next two steps will be taken to assist the Occupational Therapist in formulating a Therapy Plan for any ongoing sessions required.

1. A parent/guardian planning meeting. These are generally completed by phone or online. We can also accommodate a clinic visit if you prefer this! Children do not attend this meeting so that you can share your thoughts, concerns and priorities regarding your child's needs openly. At this time, the OT will collate information such as medical history, information about the family dynamics, other therapy your child is involved in, and discuss their capacity/abilities to complete functional activities. We will generally ask questions about social skills, fine & gross motor skills, sensory, emotional development, self-care and learning. We will work collaboratively to identify goals to be included in the Therapy Plan. This time is all about making sure all parties are on the same page, and have a clear idea of the purpose of OT for the child. These sessions typically take 60-90mins to complete.

2. Initial meet & greet with the child. At All Things Therapy, our priority is to create a safe and warm environment for your child to participate in therapy. Our first goal will be to build rapport and trust with your child to increase our chance for a successful therapeutic relationship. This initial session will generally be completed with a parent, or safe person for the child. We will play games, learn about each other and discuss the purpose of OT. At this time, the OT will be making observations of the general capacity of the child to complete tasks, as well as what they enjoy and don't enjoy to support writing the Therapy Plan. The amount of time we spend at the initial session will be dependant on the child and can be 30 or 45mins.

3. A Therapy plan will be formulated by the OT. Following the initial two steps (sometimes after a few additional sessions) a Therapy Plan will be written by the OT to outline the OT goals, how they will be achieved and any additional important information for the structure of the sessions. This report generally takes 90 to 120mins to complete.

4. Ongoing sessions will commence on an agreed frequency. Our clients/participants generally choose a weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequency.