Individual Ergonomic Assessments

Individual ergonomic assessments  can be completed for new employees, injured employees or employees with a medical certificate requesting an ergonomic assessment as part of their treatment plan. Individual ergonomic assessments involve a thorough assessment of the workstation and employee's medical background and job requirements. Assessments include a report outlining recommendations to minimise risk or further injury. These assessments can also be completed for home office set ups.

Ergonomic Office Sweeps

Ergonomic office sweeps are brief ergonomic assessments of every workstation in an office or team.  These assessments are brief and can be as part of an annual health and safety plan. At this time, an Occupational Therapist can identify any high-risk individuals and advise the business.

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  • Workstation assessments for new employees!

  • Assessing and modifying desk set ups for workers with injuries.

  • Office sweeps for multiple workers, teams or departments as part of annual work safety reviews.

  • Individual assessments for tailored recommendations.